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Maribel Caves Hotel by Nathan Sol Photography

By on January 4, 2013

Maribel Caves Hotel, known as Hotel Hell, photographed by Nathan Sol:

Maribel Caves Hotel in Wisconsin by Nathan Sol Photography

Nathan shot this in a false color infrared style he has been experimenting with. He feels he is able bring much more emotion to an image in this way, make the subject more compelling than if it was shot in a standard format.

“As for the location, I feel…protective,” Nathan says of the Maribel Caves Hotel. “Not that it’s mine to protect, not that it’s a secret known only to me, but because it’s a beautiful, awe-inspiring ruin. There seems to be no reason for it to remain standing, but I feel that we’re fortunate that it still is. It’s history, it’s drama, it’s sculpture, it’s poetry. I want to protect it from vandals, from too much unwanted attention that might make the owner(s) reconsider leaving it as-is. I want it to remain untouched so that we can continue to look at it for as long as possible, to consider the stories that took place here, to make up our own. It’s not just this location, but other similar sites that are slowly being reclaimed by time & nature, rather than vandals or the wrecking ball.”

You can find more of Nathan’s intriguing and beautiful work on Model Mayhem and Facebook.

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