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Hero of a Hundred Fights

By on January 10, 2011


Pat Fuller – guitar/vocals
Shane Holchester – drums
Chris Grove – bass/vocals
William Zientara – vocals

Location: Milwaukee


Hero of a Hundred Fights is a long-defunct band but highly influential Milwaukee band. They emerged from the ashes of Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys, Tintoretto and Managra. Like those three bands, Hero of a Hundred Fights played a complex and ambitious style of hardcore, combining math rock influences with the lurching and propulsive rock assault of bands like Drive Like Jehu and Bitch Magnet. In 2000 William Zientara joined the band contributing vocals to their final EP The Remote, the Cold, recorded at Electrical Audio Recording by Steve Albini. With this release the band further refined their sound creating four powerful and dynamic songs combining fierce layered vocals, lurching time changes, snaking guitar lines and a pounding rhythm section. Disbanding late in 2001 members went on to join Haymarket Riot, Call Me Lightning, Murder in the Red Barn and Temper Temper.


Hero of a Hundred Fights CD
Hero of a Hundred Fights (2000)

1. Triumph, the Flight
2. Where Did the Jackpots Go?
3. Ever an Engineer
4. Finite Wish
5. Saying It’s All in the Math
6. Dial, Religious Icon
7. Table Scrap Lottery
8. Appypollylogic

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A Four Way Stop
A Four Way Stop (split album – 2000)

1. Hero Of A Hundred Fights -Shudder The Lights Off
2. Hero Of A Hundred Fights -You, Me, The Switch
3. Insidious -Body Without Organs
4. Insidious -The Last Picture Show
5. Managra -Reckless Fuiguirnet
6. Managra -Structure Of A Comet
7. Managra -Sentimental Punch
8. Managra -Tough Like Truax
9. Tintoretto -The End
10. Tintoretto -Sweet Release
11. Tintoretto -Negatory
12. Tintoretto -The Dying Days

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Hero of a Hundred Fights - The Remote, the Cold EP
Remote, the Cold (2001)

1. Apparently We Didn’t Give You Enough Rope
2. Faction Paradox
3. The Celestis
4. Darling Gun

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