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Meth Tooth

By on October 10, 2009


Mike “Angel Face” Jonjak – VoKills

Billy “the Billdozer” Hafemann – Gee-tar

Ryan “Ryan” Bero – Bass-ification

Dion “Superbeard” Brass – stuff on things

Location: Oconomowoc

Facebook: Meth Tooth



From the moment of the band name’s conception to their present day status of Attic-Based Elevated Grinders, Dion has had a beard and a penchant for hickory, and Billy’s had one (1) b in his name and has, in all likelihood, consumed several slices of pizza; both with and without extra cheese.

Dion, the Gypsy-raised result of a hops-fuelled liaison between a human-sized dwarf and a Slovakian leprechaunette and Billy, a descendant of Cousin It and the unpaid, official representative of the World Golf-Attire Authority began writing in earnest. They quickly realised that their symphonic venture would pay off much more than their proposed aggressive takeover of Whittlin’s R Us and continued to grind sporadically throughout the season known as summer.

A few months (and several hundred bulletins and classified ads) later, Mike was enveloped into the ensemble. Mike had just been fired from his once-illustrious career as an Ahomosexual live-stock fluffer for Bawdy Barnyard Productions after an… “incident“ involving a harmonica, a tub of hummus and an Episcopalian organ- grinder‘s monkey. Once taken on by Meth Tooth, he was put to work strangling the living daylights out of a Shure micro-ma-phone as well as doubling as the official Meth Tooth nip-gripper. At least he did once he’d overcome the nausea from his sudden elevation into the attic, now known as The Meth Lab.

These gravity-enthusiasts, did not allow the lack of a Mother-Pluckin’ Octave-Popper to hold them back from their dream of being payed in beer, Monsters and Ball-In-A-Cups (or would that be Balls-In-A-Cup ?) in return for playing their set; even having a guest appearance from Dance Cadaverous’ low-ender Johnno.

That, apparently was it: Meth Tooth pretending to have a bassist annoyed the piss out of an ancient universal entity known only as Tsi Ss‘Ab, thus causing the aforementioned entity to copulate with a megasauric, amorous 13-fingered cellist of talents-most-gob-smacking. With a clear purpose in mind, Tsi Ss’Ab seduced MechaCellist with the endlessly looped “Legacies Of Molestation” intro and a 30 pack of PBR with a funnel, and their ensuing love-making destroyed entire galaxies (Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?). Thundering out of MechaCellist’s womb comes Ryan, swinging a five-string rumble-stick above his head to whereby storm his way into the Meth Lab and the band’s hearts.

Wisconsin metal band Meth Tooth

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