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Pale Gray Sky

By on January 5, 2011


Location: Green Bay

Facebook: Pale Gray Sky


Founded in Late 2000 under the name Sutter Cain, the band was to be renamed in 2003 due to the overwhelming bands with that name. Pale Gray Sky was formed to recreate a local metal scene that dominated the U.S. in the early 90’s, out of an angry disposition that proved not all bands are unoriginal and can deliver brutality rather than femininity. Rather than try to emmulate a time where metal dominated, 2 of the 5 members were recruited, who helped create the early 90’s WI death metal movement, to influence this young band, and retain the right to be die hards who carry on the torch with this project. Pale Gray Sky is heavily influenced by the sounds of Scandanavia, predominantly the Swedish region, and feel the need to contribute to the cause…

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