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The Commuter Exit

By on January 9, 2011

Edwin Wolf – Vocals

Dan Staffin – Bass

Dave Mantz – Keyboard/FX/Guitar

Tim Gorchels – Drums

Ryan Hesselink – Lead Guitar/FX

Location: Milwaukee

Facebook: [the] commuter exit


The Commuter exit is a group of five musical theorists transmuting music and poetry compositions in to the molecules of water for the survival of thought and idealism within the plains of Art and assemblage. In order to understand the atomic structures of DNA twisting in the very strain of the human existence and its artistic connection with actuality they humbly strip naked of genera and Live to devote purely upon the sound of that living before the metaphor it’s self. Immune to the black web of pigeonholedism the Commuter exit works to relieve the shackles tangling external affairs which can sadly be compared to a feud and prejudice between the seven colors of Light and trying to figure out which one is better..With the summoning and resurrection of the inner definition of the imagination and the logic of natural mathematics they work interchangeably as shape shifters of art to develop in keeping the mind from falling lethargically in to self forgetfulness.

In the last two years [the] commuter exit has tentatively combined efforts for the development of their debut album entitled “INOCULATION.”

After the first few months recording in a studio manor where each band member records separately and precisely track by track, the band felt that the recordings lacked the ethereal embodiment and personal energies behind the collective connection of their live shows. [the] commuter exit decided to scratch the original recordings and plug in their instruments all together. The result was an aftermath of intimate inner workings harmonizing the physical instrumentation. Upon meditating to filter out any preceding influences the vocals were produced by emptying the mind and soaking up the essence of the music. With only absolute connection to the instrumentation vocals were constructed attentively and also introduced edwin’s invention of the sprube, an acoustic-electric vocal manipulator using natural reverb to create feedback for controlled desire. The final result of INOCULATION carries the RAW and vivacious energies of a live performance with Avant-garde improvisation while concluding the significance of a studio work of art.


the commuter exit - inoculation
[the] commuter exit – Inoculation

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  1. Josh Rosenbaumski

    December 12, 2011 at 11:52 am

    The guy on the far left, glasses, sick as hell.

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