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By on October 22, 2012

Halloween is like Christmas to us at Wisconsin Sickness. No other season is as highly anticipated or enjoyed as only holiday where you’re asked to laugh in the face of your own mortality. Personally, I usually go to several haunted attractions each year, but due to the release of my first book, I’ve yet to visit a single one. This is problematic, considering I wanted to list the best haunted attractions in Wisconsin here on WisSick. So what’s a writer to do? Bug someone else for opinions! I fired off an e-mail to the folks at, one of the Internet’s coolest Haunted Attractions websites, for their opinion on Wisconsin’s top 10 haunted houses (listed here alphabetically)!

10. Wisconsin FearGrounds – Waukesha

FearGrounds was once voted #1 haunt by Haunted Attractions Magazine. The attraction is actually three in one: Morgan Manor, Morgana’s Torment, and the brand new Shadowlands.

9. The Morgue – De Pere

The Morgue is three floors of scares surrounded by haunted woods. There’s an all-night bonfire, concessions, a big screen for movies, and a slide to hell.

8. Terror on the Fox – Green Bay

Terror on the Fox offers four different attractions: Ominous Sanctum, 3rd Dimension of Fear, The Void, and Torment. This is Terror’s 16th season, and due to the involvement of the National Railroad Museum, is one of only three haunts in the country to use a real passenger train!

7. Splatter Haus – Two Rivers

Splatter Haus’s website offers very little quotable information, but it does look cool as hell.

Terror on the Fox haunted house

6. Oblivion Haunted House – Menasha

2012 Oblivion’s theme is dubbed “Contamination III: Season of the Sisters. The following is from their website. “As you sink further into the depths of Contamination III, you will encounter the most brutal display of human torture, dismemberment, carnage and absolute chaos. Within this sadistic underground world you will encounter all new inconceivable creatures, scents, intense gore, special effects and run-for-your-life horror. A true extreme overdose of macabre and terror.”

5. Mars Haunted House – Milwaukee

Mars lays claim to being one of the few actually haunted haunted attractions in the state, with an entire page on their website devoted to real life paranormal experiences from the old 19th century commercial building the attraction occupies.

4. House of Shadows – Sparta

Proceeds from the House of Shadows go to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Sparta, so that the town will remain safe from any future invasions from Persia.

3. HauntFest – Milwaukee

HauntFest is 20,000 feet of scares, has burial simulators, and claims to be the only heated haunt in Milwaukee.

2. Green Bay Fear– Green Bay

According to their website, “ONCE YOU’RE IN… The only thing you will feel is a stream of fear trickling down your leg!” The site also offers the following legend: Green Bay Fear Haunted Attraction is what is left of a once glorious estate Shawano Manor previously located on the northern shores of Shawano Lake. 1800’s Lumber Tycoon Jaden West spared no expense erecting his masterpiece mansion. It had all of the exclusive amenities only the very wealthy could afford at the time. Mr. Jaden West unexpectedly met his demise in the fall of 1894, his mutilated corpse found by his servant Mr. Adrianiam Roskoe. The death was blamed on jealous workers from the saw mill. You see, it was rumored the mill workers didn’t think it was fair that Mr. West got all the spoils from their hard work. There were a few accusations of “who had done it”. No arrests were ever made although there were plenty of suspects.

1. Burial Chamber – Neenah

The Burial Chamber proclaims itself “the Midwest’s largest haunted complex,” boasting three full sized haunted attractions in one one place. A customer favorite “dark haunt,” called Adrenaline Haunted House, an interactive “haunted house on crack,” Insanity Haunted House, and an outdoor haunt called Phobia Haunted Woods. The complex also boasts Last Ride burial simulators. Now that’s how you laugh in the face of your own mortality.

Wisconsin haunted house actor

Happy Haunting sickos!

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