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Wisconsin Sickness Munny

By on January 14, 2012

When packages arrive in the mail from I’m usually either really excited or completely horrified to open it. Just because it’s Tom and there is a good chance it’s either the first print of latest Wisconsin skull t-shirt or maybe, just maybe, it could be pieces of hookers. Not that it’s happened yet…but I feel it’s best not to rule anything out.

Wisconsin Sickness t-shirts always arrive in white plastic shipping bags, so when this strange square package arrived I immediately enacted the official emergency Wisconsin Sickness hooker disposal protocols.

It wasn’t until several days later that I remembered I was actually expecting something other than the usual t-shirt. So I went back out into the woods, dug up the box and opened it to find this strange little creature called a munny custom made for Wisconsin Sickness by the merch mastermind himself.

I still don’t quite understand what it is or why it keeps staring at me with a sort of rabid hunger, but it looks pretty badass. So it will be keeping my dead things company for a while until I figure out how to unlock it’s murderous rampage capabilities.

Thank you Tom!

Wisconsin Sickness custom munny by Bored in the Basement

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Just need some Wisconsin Sickness merch? Check out the official Wisconsin Sickness store.

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Charlie Hintz

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  1. Bored in the Basement

    January 15, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    No problem. I like sending out ‘thank you’s, but seriously…

    Now that I know you’re expecting dead hooker parts… I’ll have to step up my game… *throws body parts away*

  2. J. Nathan Couch

    January 14, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    I’m just glad to know such protocols exist.

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