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Wisconsin Sickness is dedicated to supporting, promoting and empowering dark Wisconsin art in all it’s forms. We are always looking for people interested in contributing in whatever way they can, whether it is just sending in photos or videos from recent shows or writing articles, reviews, interviews, etc. about Wisconsin bands, artists, models, filmmakers and other performers.

It is currently not a paying gig, but you will receive full credit for your work.

Other things we are looking for

– People to organize Wisconsin Sickness-supported shows in their area

– Camera, lighting and other photography equipment for future photo shoots, interviews and other documentary videos. There are some great photographers involved with the Sickness, but we need a simple studio here in the bowels of Wisconsin Sickness HQ for upcoming projects

– Props for Cannibelle shoots, including costumes and clothes, taxidermy, bones, rusted old chainsaws, old and/or interesting furniture, anything cool and unusual

– Interesting locations we could shoot at

– Anyone interested in filming/editing short web-based Wisconsin Sickness documentaries on artists, bands, hauntings and legends


We are always interested in working out relationships that provide mutual promotion and incentive for the contributor. If you have any strange or unusual objects or talents to contribute to the cause contact us.

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