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Taxidermy Livens Up Cress Funeral Home

By on November 20, 2013

Cress Funeral Home in Madison uses unconventional methods to liven up mourning families. Nothing says “cheer up” like taxidermy. Right?

Taxidermy chipmunk rides a plastic deer in this diorama at Madison's Cress Funeral Home

Sam Sanfillippo, funeral director, has amassed a quirky collection of stuffed critters in Victorian-style dioramas, transforming roadkill into endearing scenes ready to lighten the mood of even the saddest of funerals.

Families of taxidermy rodents enjoy a carnival, chipmunks dance in a “Topless Girlie Show” and albino squirrels play basketball. Cowboy chipmunks of the Old West ride plastic horses beside toy dinosaurs.

There is also a hammerhead shark, marlins, and other fish Sam has caught himself.

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Taxidermy chipmunks at the bar at Cress Funeral Home in Madison

Topless Girly Show taxidermy chipmunk diorama at Cress Funeral Home in Madison

Squirrel saloon taxidermy diorama

Bucky Badger taxidermy at Cress Funeral Home in Madison

Taxidermy chipmunks in the Woodland Fair diorama at Cress Funeral Home

Albino squirrels taxidermy

Taxidermy birds in a tree diorama

Taxidermy chipmunks playing poker

More taxidermy chipmunks at the fair

Taxidermy chipmunk cowboy rides a plastic horse at Madison's Cress Funeral Home

Photos courtesy of Extreme Craft.

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