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Human remains found beneath Jefferson home
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Bones Unearthed in Jefferson Basement

By on October 14, 2013

In 2003 Jefferson, WI resident Helen Weisensel began the much-needed repairs on the foundation of her century-old home. A man with a backhoe began digging, but when he dumped the second scoop of dirt, a human skull came rolling out.

It was soon determined by the Wisconsin Historical Society’s burial sites program that what was unearthed beneath the house was not a crime scene. Rather, it was the remnants of the community’s first documented cemetery, which was sold and relocated many years before.

The skull belonged to a male buried around 1840.

“I didn’t know he was there,” Helen joked. “I lived there 20 years and he never said a thing.”

The remains of a small child and more were eventually uncovered. Meanwhile, Helen’s renovations were held up by the investigation, as well as 15+ months spent trying to work around the law that prevents the disturbance of burial sites.

It was a common practice to move headstones and prominent citizens, but leave the rest of the graves behind. While it is not required by law to inform buyers of a cemetery beneath their home, the tax break that comes with living on the dead might make it worth while.

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