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(the ‘it’s not our fault’ statement)

This is the page where we inform you that we are not responsible for any mental or physical trauma you may incur during your visit to Wisconsin Sickness or its official social networking profiles.

We are not responsible for your psychiatric bills.

It’s not our fault you were on this site at work.

We are not the reason you got divorced, married, pregnant, abducted by aliens or made into furniture.

Also, if you are pregnant, we think there might be a chance it is NOT ours.

We didn’t steal your car.

We didn’t touch your mom.

We didn’t trespass or force anyone to trespass on your property or your girlfriend.

We didn’t sell your information to some mystical internet mafia.

We didn’t use anything without permission. Unless we did, in which case you can inform us and we will remove it.

Evil, decency and obscenity are relative matters of perspective. If you are offended and don’t like the site, please stop coming to it.

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If any of this is unclear to you, or think we may have done something else we were completely not responsible for, you can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us here.