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First Ward School House: Fright Night Fundraiser, Sept 14-15.

By on May 30, 2012

Lot’s of people dream about owning a bed and breakfast, but a haunted one? That was the dream of Justin Libigs and Judy Carl, co-founders of the Wisconsin Illinois Paranormal Society (W.I.P.S.), and the new, proud owners of the First Ward School House in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

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The First Ward School was built in 1896. A decade or so later, the school was deemed too expensive an endeavor by the city and it was closed. In 1921 a group of nuns moved into the building to run the school so as to keep costs down for the city. The Nuns began experiencing paranormal activity. Apparently the activity occurred so often, and with such regularity, that they planned their day, and the rooms the classes would be held in, around the ghostly activity, usually blamed on a small boy named Oscar, who allegedly died there. The building eventually became offices, and has remained vacant since 1979.

When Justin and Judy bought the old building, it was waste-deep in garbage. They’ve since cleaned and renovated until the building is now safe enough to enter. The building is currently being rented out to paranormal investigators who want to search for Oscar.

The renovations are far from done, and a “Fright Night Fundraiser” is being held to make the building appealing to “normies” who just want a Wisconsin B and B experience. The event will feature lectures and meet and greets with paranormal investigators, a silent auction, and an investigation. The event is designed to appeal to both serious paranormal investigators, as well as armchair ghostbusters.

According to the event’s Facebook page:

Tickets will be on sale starting June 1st.

$45 is for everything–Lectures, meet & greet, silent auction and investigation

$20 is for Lectures, meet & greet, and silent auction

$25 for just the investigation

Tickets can be purchased at

Direct any inquiries to this e-mail address:

For more information on Justin and Judy, and the First Ward School visit

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