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Interview: Lauren Goecks of Ghost Tours of Cedarburg

By on September 27, 2012

On Friday, Sept 21st, 2012, I had my first ever taste of the Ghost Tours of Cedarburg. The walk began outside of the Cedarburg Community Center, where we were to meet our guide. The tour’s website advised me to be on the lookout for our guide, who’d be carrying a candle lantern. The guide turned up just in time to save me from degrading myself for a slice of Sal’s Pizza (located across the street from where the tour would begin), and I descended upon the poor young woman with the rest of my hooligan friends.

As it turned out, our guide for the night was none other than the tour’s creator and owner, Lauren Goecks. Lauren is not the sort of person you’d imagine would be guiding you on a tour like this. Over the course of 90 minutes, she told us stories of ax murderers, prostitution, what a local doctor didn’t tell his patients regarding his famous “30 second amputations,” and of course, ghosts. Lauren was so pleasant, so downright adorable, I didn’t even realize how disturbing the stories where until the ride home. After the tour was over, I was fortunate enough to persuade Lauren into a quick interview.

JNC: How exactly did you’re interest in stories of murder and the paranormal develop?

LG: Well, growing up in a house that was haunted kind of sparked something in me. We moved out of that house when I was in 2nd grade so I was very young and just remember feeling like the house was bad. My mom had a completely different feeling with the house–she felt that there was something there watching over the family and protecting us. Other than that early start, I distinctly remember one instance in 3rd or 4th grade where I stayed inside for recess because I wanted to read more about the Salem Witch Trials that the teacher briefly mentioned in class. I’ve always been an avid reader and was constantly drawn to historical fiction and nonfiction. I guess from there on out I always was drawn to weird history/gruesome history and then all the paranormal shows hit and things just built up from there.

JNC: There are ten total stops on this year’s version of the tour… which is your favorite?

LG: I love the Chocolate Factory stop because, having worked there, I have some of my own stories as well as feelings I’ve experienced there numerous times. The Chocolate Factory stop has all the elements of a good haunting: old historic building, creepy basement, phantom doorbell ringing, and of course an actual physical experience with a whiteboard being flung to the ground.

JNC: Care to share a specific paranormal experience you’ve had personally?

LG: My experiences have mostly revolved around the house I grew up in and the Chocolate Factory. My friend and I had at one point created our own rag-tag paranormal investigation group and took to the streets of Cedarburg to conduct an investigation at Zur Ruhe cemetery. We used a K2 meter and we think we were able to connect with a young girl who passed away a few years ago based on some of the answers we received with the meter.

Following the interview Lauren also informed me Ghost Tours of Cedarburg will be offering paranormal investigations of the Lincoln Building, in downtown Cedarburg. Visit their website for complete details regarding tours or investigations.

Ghost Tours of Cedarburg

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J. Nathan Couch

About J. Nathan Couch

J. Nathan Couch is an author and paranormal investigator. He is part of the Wisconsin-based Paranormal Investigation and Research Society, and guides ghost walks and bus tours in support of Washington County Paranormal. His new book Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? is available now.


  1. Brittany Eagon

    February 11, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    I work at chocolate factory the bell does go off things get dropped sometimes banging like someone dropped something yang theres’s omething there we all know some kids I work with won’t stock cuz the stuffs in the basement and they’re to scared to go down there I asked Mike if I could bring my oujia board down in the basement theres activity there we just use to it working there we just ignore it except for the doors creaking but nobody comes in or random shit in the dish room like banging or someone dropping shit loud before we open cuz it’s quit no music but we just look down the hall & just like what was that we all know so I know that place is haunted all my coworkers know also cuz we’ve all had something go on as far as the board no that’s never happen nothings ever flown across anything sometimes u can hear people whisper by the bathrooms no ones there but that’s bout it dawn wish shit would get thrown across lol

  2. Nick

    June 24, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    She is a fraud and has faulty equipment. I know from first hand experience, she makes up stories as well.

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