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Giant Spider Stolen and Scrapped

By on September 25, 2013

The Giant Spider Invasion frame stolen and scrapped in Merrill, WI

The giant spider from the low-budget 1975 film The Giant Spider Invasion was reported stolen August 28 from the field in Merrill, WI where it has sat rusting since the movie was filmed there.

The shell of the 25-foot spider was mounted on an old Volkswagon chassis. The thieves would have needed a flatbed trailer to move it. Bill Rebane, the film’s director, said it was last seen a few weeks prior on a trailer in Merrill’s sixth ward.

Rebane once tried to sell the spider frame on eBay for $35,000. It was most likely scrapped for about $200.

After a meteorite crash, rural Wisconsin becomes overrun by menacing spiders from outer space. The giant spider was created by covering the frame with black artificial fur. The legs were operated by a crew of seven inside. The arachnid’s glowing red eye were the tail lights of the Volkswagon.

Shot for $300,000, The Giant Spider Invasion went on to gross millions as a cult classic film. Unfortunately, it also became one of the most pirated movies in history.

Watch the trailer for The Giant Spider Invasion:

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